Averaging Identical Shots

So I’ve been learning about “averaging identical shots” as means to reduce noise in pictures without degrading it’s quality like most “noise reduction” plugins and programs do.

It used to be easy with Photoshop and the “stacks” function applied to “smart objects” but for whatever reason the people at Adobe left behind from the last version (CS6) a bug that is now driving me crazy and now I’m unable to use stacks because they can’t fix their stupidity.

Anyway, at the end it doesn’t really matter because there are other ways of achieving the averaging process, which I’ve used and I’m quite impressed with its results.

I almost always use my cellphone to take photos (it’s the “camera” that goes with me everywhere) and as a noise-hater it bothered me greatly to see my night photos invaded with those ugly magenta/green spots and lack of detail, BUT by averaging about 20 shots I get rid of the noise quite a lot and get some pretty decent detail back, which is awesome.

Here is the before and after of a zoomed in photo I recently took:

You can see the frame of the windows in the averaged shot D:

And here’s the complete photo:

Unfortunately I moved too much while taking the photos so while aligning them there was some extra parts (like more sky or more right buildings) along with “artifacts” from the moving cars and people, but that wasn’t my fault.

Now I can get night photos without that annoying noise and that’s awesome.